At enSift we are disrupting asset management by turning “information” into “understanding”.

At enSift we are disrupting asset management by turning “information” into “understanding”.

At enSift we are disrupting asset management by turning “information” into “understanding”.

We are using intelligent curation of asset-specific docs and data to teach critical information to find you rather than you having to hunt for it.

Across the oil and gas sector enterprise software companies have continued to target functional silos with bespoke solutions for niche pain points with the promise that “simple” integrations and the wonder of the IoT, will lead to dramatically improved operational performance.

For oil and gas producers under an ever increasing regulatory burden and challenging economics, this approach has failed…and we are going to fix it.  enSift is piggy-backing intuitive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality that will put more information at your finger tips.  We are leveraging the power of consolidated curation to provide single click access to what you need where you need it.  With enSift’s ECM, contextual storage means that all of your asset specific documents and business intelligence resources can be easily stored and retrieved with a couple clicks.  Life Cycle Knowledge Curation available in enSift CC means that you never need to misplace anything again.

Fix 1

Single click access to asset specific “Regulatory Compliance” information.


Fix 2

Single click access to asset specific “Key Docs and Data”.


Fix 3

Single click access to asset specific “Mission Critical Compliance Dash-boarding”.


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Critical Insight Management

As enterprises transition from an analogue to a digital world, they are being overwhelmed by information and data pollution from numerous sources.

Emissions Stewardship and Reporting

Our Life Cycle Database was created to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance by as much as fifty percent for owners of oil and gas infrastructure in the Canadian upstream.